Meet the crew


Seattle, WA

Trail Walking

Margie lives in Seattle on a 46ft sailboat.  She loves anything to do with H2O, has swam the Alcatraz Challenge(twice) and sailed around the world. Someone mentions skiing, snowshoeing, or any snow sport and Margie's ready to roll....Water is Life, Snow is Heaven.  


Beavercreek, OR

Trail Walking

Susie lives in the foothills of Mt. Hood National Forest. The Mountain calls her often whether it's snowshoeing, hiking or swimming. Susie and her sister Margie (fellow Tubb Ambassador) like to travel out to swim San Francisco Bay, pilgrim their way thru Spain or road trip Europe looking for chocolate and Snow❄️!

Elisa & Matt

Califon, NJ

Kids and Family

The Rispolis – Elisa, Matt, Holden and Reid – are a family of nature lovers, wanderers and adventure seekers. They hike, snowboard, scuba dive, snowshoe, kayak, bike, raft, and climb, and have done so all over this great world, but their home and hearts are on the east coast.


North Andover, MA

Kids and Family

Jen and her wife Kendra are raising their four children just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. As a family they love snowshoeing, hiking, camping, and swimming. When they are not out adventuring with their own kids, Jen and Kendra run an Outdoor Adventure Club at the high school where Kendra teaches.


Castleton, VT

Day Hiking

If Tiffany isn't exploring the outdoors in her home state of Vermont, you can catch her adventuring around the world. From snowshoeing to scuba diving, she makes sure she never misses an opportunity to have fun that Mother Nature provides.

Jan & Kelly

Gympsum, CO

Day Hiking

Jan & Kelly started snowshoeing as a way to enjoy the outdoors and snow during winter. We love to hike and stay fit, and since we live in the heart of Colorado mountains, there is plenty of terrain to explore. Where we live, it is a long winter season and snowshoeing provides the opportunity to get outside without the high cost of gear and crowds of skiing or other snow sports


Longmount, CO

Day Hiking

Diane's motto: “ Moving through Space and Slipping through Time.” Being active is a lifetime passion and being outdoors year round is paramount for living life to it’s fullest. As a two time Breast Cancer Survivor, 16 years and thriving, Diane looks forward to each adventure with friends and family


Edwards, CO

Day Hiking

While taking in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, Jenika proves that snowshoeing is whatever you want to make it - a casual hike, morning cardio session, team building event, or extreme adventure.